Notice: If you are a guy looking for girls, click here

Girls Beta Program Signup

We have some special features we've developed just for our awesome female members! We also truly value your feedback and ideas, and hope that together we can make the best site possible!

To make sure it stays Girls Only, we have added an extra step to the application process. In order to be accepted, you need to write NextStranger on a piece of paper and use our Application App to take a snapshot of you holding it. Make sure we can tell from the photo that you are indeed female, otherwise your application will be discarded. If you are unhappy with the snapshot taken, hit the Clear Snapshot button to reset and take another. Finally, fill out the Name, Email, and Age boxes, and add any comments you might have, and hit the Submit Application button.

Don't worry, we are only using your photo to verify gender, they will be discarded after we review them, and we won't share your email address with anyone! We will use it to let you know you've been accepted to the program, and to alert you to new features that have been made available through the Girls Beta program.

If you are not a girl or don't wish to complete the Girls Beta application, you can still apply for the normal Beta program.